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The core of my work is design, creating products that not only look good, but also meet the needs of the user. Using original ideas and the users specific requirements to create a single product that combines them all is the aim of good design. I believe that a solution can be found for any product that not only meets the clients needs but looks beautiful as well.

Simplicity, Elegance and Form are the basis of my work but many years of experience in architecture and construction has taught me how to interpret and understand a clients brief.

Rocking Chair Sketch
Rocking Chair Sketch2

My many years in the construction industry has given me experience in many areas, I have worked on projects from swimming pools to car dealerships, offices to houses.

If you want to talk about a project and are interested in exciting and original solutions, then feel free to contact me and discuss your requirements

Ribbon Table 3d 1
Ribbon Table 3d